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Care & Conditioning Tips

Flower Care: Correcting the Misinformation

Flower Care: Correcting the Misinformation 2

Here's the truth about how to care for your cut flower arrangements. Want to know how to REALLY make your flowers last longer in a vase? Going Bloom has the real information on caring forĀ  cut flowers.
How to process and revive Hellebore

How to process and revive Hellebore 0

If you've ever tried to revive helleborus flowers you know that a wilted hellebore is one of the trickiest things to deal with. When a florist buys wholesale helleborus they expect it to be cut at the right stage. Learn more about conditioning cut hellebore in this article, written by Casey Wagner from Going Bloom Wholesale Flower Market in Boise, Idaho.

Asclepias 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Asclepias Flowers Asclepia is a beautiful, flat-topped orange ...
  • Casey Wagner

Alpina Ginger Flowers 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Alpinia Ginger Flowers These cone-like, cylindrical flowers ha...
  • Casey Wagner

How to care for cut poppies 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Papaver aka Poppy Flowers Poppies have slender, leafless somewhat ...
  • Casey Wagner

How to Care for Snapdragons 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Antirrhinum Snapdragon Flowers Antirrhinum Snapdragon Flowers c...
  • Casey Wagner

Caring for Anthurium Flowers 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Anthurium Flowers When you receive your wholesale Anthurium flo...
  • Casey Wagner

Caring for Kangaroo Paws 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Anigozanthos Kangaroo Paws Kangaroo paw originates from Australia...

Dill Care & Conditioning 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Dill Flowers Dill is an amazing alternative to traditional foliag...

Anemone Care Instructions 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Fresh Cut Anemones Anemones are members of the buttercup family. ...

Caring for Laceflowers 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Laceflowers If laceflowers are treated carefully they will last up to a week, but ...

Conditioning Amaryllis & Hippeastrum Flowers 0

Flower Care & Conditioning Amaryllis & Hippeastrum Flowers Amaryllis has large trumpet shaped blooms on a...