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Flower Care & Conditioning

Asclepias Flowers

Asclepia is a beautiful, flat-topped orange or yellow flower. They make an exquisite filler flower, and will bring vibrancy to your monochromatic or bohemian flower arrangements.

Care & Conditioning:

  • Always cut the stems at a sharp angle, this allows water to be absorbed more efficiently without resting flush against the bottom of the container.
  • Use a preservative that has an anti-ethylene agent.
  • These flowers can exude latex from the stem – if present this will block the flow of water. Put in warm to hot water for a few seconds minutes to stop the flow of sap.
  • Clean up any leaves or flowers that might sit in the water to avoid bacteria build up.
  • The water temperature should be comfortably warm, cold water should be avoided as flowers cannot readily absorb it and water that is too hot can shock the flower.
  • Change the water every couple days (or whenever the water appears cloudy) with a fresh cut and stem clean up to help with absorption.
  • Pinch or trim off spent blossoms and leaves to encourage other blossoms to open and increase the longevity of the flowers. Leaving the dying blossoms on takes energy from the rest of the flower, which can slow or stop the blooming of the rest of the flower.
  • If sap is present prior to arranging, burning the ends of the stem has been known to be helpful for water absorption.
  • These flowers will wilt quickly when out of water.
  • Flowers can be stored at 39 to 43 degrees F and will last 3 to 5 days.
  • These are sensitive to ethylene.

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