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Caring for Acacia Flowers



Flower Care & Conditioning:


Fresh Cut Acacia


Wholesale Acacia has bright yellow fluffy flowers. They may arrive with a polythene bag over the flowers to prevent them from drying out. The flowers and leaves should be misted frequently to maintain freshness. Acacia is often sold by the name of Acacia Mimosa, this has become the name of most types of florist’s acacia – however the main species are identified by the latin names A. longifolia (which has fern like leaves) and A. retinoides (which is also called ‘Floribunda’ and has thin, leathery leaves).

  • Upon arrival unpack and recut stems to begin hydrating immediately.
  • Acacia stems are thick and woody; they can be cut up the middle of the stem to aid water absorption efficiency. Acacia should be cut about 5cm to help with water uptake.
  • Clean up any leaves or flowers that might sit in the water to avoid bacteria build up.
  • The initial water temperature should be warm (100-105°), the stems should be hydrated for at least 2 hours until the flowers and leaves are turgid.
  • After hydrating, place in a new water solution with preservative in a temperature of around 36 to 39°F with 90% relative humidity until arranged if possible. If not, keep in a cool area away from draughts. Try to avoid changes in temperature.
  • After the cut acacia flowers age you can dry them out to preserve them. However, they flowers will lose the fluffy appearance.

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