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Conditioning Allium Flowers



Flower Care & Conditioning:



A wondrous globe shape, most Allium varieties are comprised of many star-shaped blossoms forming the round shape. There are some varieties that have loose sprays of flowers. Allium is a unique cut flower that will make a distinct addition to your flower bouquets. A relative to the onion, allium flowers work great as a mass flower but have been used to add height, and form to flower arrangements.

  • Immediately unpack and fluff out any flat allium blooms by handling them upside down and spinning them.
  • Cut the stems at an angle and place them in preservative filled water. Let them hydrate overnight at room temperature before using them or storing them in a cooler.
  • Clean up any leaves or allium flowers that might sit in the water.
  • Pinch or trim off spent blossoms and leaves to increase the life of the flowers. Leaving the dying blossoms on takes energy from the rest of the flower, which can slow or stop the blooming of the rest of the flower.
  • If the allium head bends or droops due to a clogged stem or heavy bloom, use a needle to prick a hole just below the head of the flower to release air and increase water flow.
  • Change the water every couple days (or whenever the water appears cloudy) with a fresh cut and stem clean up to help with absorption.
  • Fresh allium can be dried if hung upside down in a cool, airy place.

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