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Caring for amaranthus flowers


Flower Care & Conditioning

Amaranthus Flowers

The tassel-like flowers of Amaranthus can grow on upright stems or cascade down. The stems are medium to long and can be stored 2-3 days at a temperature of 36-41 degrees F. You can dry the flowers by gently hanging them upside down with a little heat. This will give better preservation of the amaranthus and allow the color to remain without too much fading.

Care & Conditioning:

  • Amaranthus needs to be cut and placed in water as soon as possible.
  • Use a preservative that contains a bactericide and a carbohydrate to help the flowers open.
  • Clean up any leaves or flowers that might sit in the water to avoid bacteria build up.
  • The water temperature should be comfortably warm, cold water should be avoided as flowers cannot readily absorb it and water that is too hot can shock the flower.
  • Change the water every couple days (or whenever the water appears cloudy) with a fresh cut and stem clean up to help with absorption.
  • Keep these flowers out of direct light. The heat the light creates will speed up the lifecycle of the flower and cause them to begin to wilt prematurely.
  • Amaranthus is sensitive to ethylene gas; keep the flowers away from withered flowers, fruits, and vegetables to prolong vase life.

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