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Dill Care & Conditioning


Flower Care & Conditioning

Dill Flowers

Dill is an amazing alternative to traditional foliage, but doesn’t have the greatest vase life. It’s best to order this lovely flower for specific projects – like a wedding or sympathy piece - instead of attempting to stock your coolers with it as dill does not store well. The flowers should be 50% open when they arrive or somewhere in between wide open and tightly closed. Don’t attempt to arrange these in foam, as they will wilt quickly. An often-overlooked feature is that dill can be dried and used again.

Care & Conditioning:

  • Prepare your containers – Dill is ethylene sensitive, be sure to use an appropriate preservative that includes an anti-ethylene agent, bactericide, and carbohydrate (sugar) to help the flowers open.
  • Always cut the stems at a sharp angle.
  • Immediately place cut stem directly into prepared water vessels. It only takes a minute for the stem to seal, have your containers ready prior to cutting.
  • Clean up any leaves or flowers that might sit in the water to avoid bacteria build up.
  • The water temperature should be comfortably warm, cold water should be avoided as flowers cannot readily absorb it and water that is too hot can shock the flower.
  • Change the water regularly (or whenever the water appears cloudy) with a fresh cut and stem clean up to help with absorption.
  • Ethylene gas reduces the longevity of some flowers and foliage by causing rapid wilting and shedding or shattering.

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