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Conditioning Amaryllis & Hippeastrum Flowers


Flower Care & Conditioning

Amaryllis & Hippeastrum Flowers

Amaryllis has large trumpet shaped blooms on a leafless stem. They come in a variety of colors and have thick hollow stalks. The only true amaryllis variety is Amaryllis Belladonna, but throughout the world hippeastrum is sold as amaryllis, including here at Going Bloom! The stems tend to curl at the end and there are several techniques you can use to prevent or correct this.

One tip is to pulse them overnight or for a full 24 hours in a sucrose solution to help prevent the stems from splitting or curling outward.  

Care & Conditioning:

  • Handle Amaryllis and hippeastrum stems carefully because the flowers can bruise easily.
  • Always cut the stems at a sharp angle, this allows water to be absorbed more efficiently without resting flush against the bottom of the container.
  • The water temperature should be comfortably warm, cold water should be avoided as flowers cannot readily absorb it and water that is too hot can shock the flower.
  • Keep amaryllis in an evenly lit area to ensure that the flowers open evenly.
  • Wrapping a clean stick or bamboo shoot with a soft absorbent material and inserting it into the hollow stem will help support the flower and provide additional moisture.
  • Hollow stems also tend to degrade more easily, so change the water regularly to avoid bacteria buildup.

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