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Caring for Laceflowers


Flower Care & Conditioning


If laceflowers are treated carefully they will last up to a week, but once stems begin to droop they can be difficult to revive. Laceflowers are a member of the carrot family and have been found more often in florist’s shops as of late. They have delicate flowers and are an amazing alternative to baby’s breath.

Care & Conditioning:

  • When your laceflowers arrive, recut the stems and place them in water as soon as possible.
  • Clean up any leaves or flowers that might sit in the water to avoid bacteria build up.
  • The water should include a preservative with a bactericide and a carbohydrate.
  • Change the water every couple days (or whenever the water appears cloudy) with a fresh cut and stem clean up to help with absorption.
  • Keep laceflowers out of direct light. The heat the light creates will speed up the lifecycle of the flower and cause them to begin to wilt prematurely.
  • Pinch or trim off spent blossoms and leaves to encourage other blossoms to open and increase the longevity of the flowers. Leaving the dying blossoms on takes energy from the rest of the flower, which can slow or stop the blooming of the rest of the flower.
  • Laceflowers can be dried. To do so, air-dry them for a couple weeks in a dry well ventilated area.
  • To preserve the color, keep them in a dark place during the drying process.

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