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Unlocking the mysteries of Protea

Unlocking the mysteries of Protea

Unlocking the mysteries of Protea

These gorgeous and unique blooms were first cultivated in South Africa; they make amazing mass flowers for floral designs used in corporate events or hotel arrangements. They take about one to two years to establish and end up producing for many years once propagated. When ordering for our clients we always request growers harvest the straightest stems available with the most well developed heads.

Wholesale protea have a better than average vase life of around ten to sixteen days. You’ll see the stems and leaves start to deteriorate (blacken or brown) before you see any withering in the flower. This is most likely caused by water stress or a carbohydrate deficiency. This is why it’s crucial to use an acidified water (with a pH of around 3.5) and a flower food that has a bactericide and sugar (carbohydrate).

Contrary to popular assumptions, these are actually not tropical flowers! This means they can be stored in a floral cooler at 90% humidity with a temperature of around 36° to 39°F. We’ve known people to store them in a cooler for up to ten days, but keep in mind that the longer you store these special flowers the lower the vase life tends to be. These flowers are also not ethylene sensitive. Once these start to fade they make excellent dried flowers that can last for months or longer!

Common Varieties of Protea Include:

  • Protea cynaroides (aka King Protea or Giant Protea)
  • Protea nerifolia (aka Bearded Proteam or Oleander Leaf Protea)
  • Protea repens (aka Sugar Bush)
  • Serruria florida (aka Blushing Bride)



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