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Anthurium andraeanum


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Form: Round / Heart Shaped

Colors : Almost every color you can imagine - except no true blue.

Length: Medium, long

Season: All Year

These beautiful heart shaped flowers, can work well arranged on their own or used in a modern centerpiece to add height and depth. Anthurium was first cultivated in Central America and became a popular potted plant in the 1980's. The main crops are now found in North America and the Netherlands. Anthurium flowers are ideal for large arrangements and are heat tolerant but do not handle cold temperatures well.

  • AKA: Anthurium, Flamingo Lily, Tailflower, Painter’s Palette, Laceleaf or Oilcloth Flower, Flamingo Flower & Painter's Tongue
  • Aroma: None
  • Vase Life: Very good - can last 14 to 25 days. Leaves are also long lasting - 10 to 20 days.
  • Arranging Tip: Often found in contemporary designs and/or alongside exotic and enticing greenery such as monstera leaves, grasses, or cordyline.
  • Things to note: Anthurium can be an irritant to some people during handling and it is poisonous so do not injest.

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