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Featured Flowers - Anethum Dill Flowers


Featured Flowers

Fresh Cut Dill

Form: Spray

Colors: Yellow to Green

Length: Medium to Long

Season: Year Round

Dill is a slender herb with small flowers that form an umbel nestled on top of a hollow stem. The flowers have a fluffy appearance and will develop ‘seeds’ as they mature. These seeds are actually small dried fruits. The flowers are heavily scented and can often be mistaken for fennel. The main difference between the two is that fennel tends to last longer and has fern like foliage. Dill is also similar to ammi and laceflowers and would be a great substitution if needed. However, due to its pungent aroma, it is advised that you take care when arranging this flower with other heavily scented blooms - like garden roses - as this could become overpowering.

  • AKA: Anethum, Dill, A. graveolens, A. peucedanum
  • Aroma: Strong– may interfere with other flower scents
  • Vase Life: 4-8 days
  • Arranging Tip: Dill makes an amazing mass flower arranged alone or you could use it to fill out large floral designs as a terrific alternative to foliage. Keep in mind that dill does great in water, but will not last very long in foam!

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  • Casey Wagner
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