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Form: Spray

Colors : Black, Brown, White, Green, Cream

Length: Long

Season: Peaks in Spring, but some varieties found year round

Wholesale laceflowers originate from Europe, Asia, and North Africa. They have delicate lacy umbels that gracefully settle in arrangements to create texture and delicate touch to any floral design.

  • AKA: Bishop's weed, false bishop's weed, bullwort, ammi majus, lady's lace, Queen Anne's lace, and Laceflower
  • Aroma: None
  • Vase Life: 7 or more days with proper care
  • Arranging Tip: Laceflowers are a hardy flower choice. They're versatile and is used in a range of designs, from filler to boutonnieres or arrange on its own for a rustic, country chic design. From tall vases to jam jars, laceflowers are great fillers but keep in mind that they are happier in a vase than in foam.

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  • Casey Wagner
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