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Form: Accent, Form

Colors: Amaranthus caudatus: burgundy, green, red; Amaranthus cruentus: gingery brown; Also hybrid varieties avaialble in Red, Burgundy, Orange, Brown, Yellow, & Green

Length: Medium, long

Season: Spring & Summer

Poppies look absolutely stunning in English garden and whimsical flower arrangements. Use with brightly colored flowers in unique vessels to create eye catching floral designs.

  • AKA: Papaver nudicaule, Oriental poppy, Iceland poppy, Hen and chickens (pods)
  • Colors: Yellow, cream, orange, pale salmon, white, & red
  • Aroma: May have a light scent
  • Vase Life: Poor (5 to 7 days)
  • Arranging Tip: Poppies excrete latex that helps to protect the flowers. By sealing the stems with the boiling water you will prevent the flowers from wilting prematurely.

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  • Casey Wagner
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