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Fresh Cut Acacia

Form: Spray

Color: Yellow

Length: Short & Medium

Season: Spring & Winter


Acacia is a member of the pea family. The name means “prickly tree” from the Greek for “point.” The flowers are small and do not have petals. They’re globular clusters are reminiscent of little balls of fluff. Acacia stems are woody and will be approximately 15 to 24 inches long. They can be sensitive to ethylene gas, be sure to pinch spent blossoms and keep away from fruits and veggies. They also make excellent flowers for drying.


  • AKA: Acacia, Mimosa, Wattle
  • Colors: Yellowcream, pale yellow through to gold, there is also a rare red and purple variety
  • Aroma: Mild fragrance
  • Availability: Usually available December through March
  • Average Vase Life: 7 days
  • Arranging Tip: Acacias are filler flowers that have a delicate, branched silhouette and fluffy flower texture. They can also be dried. They look stunning arranged in an understated vessel like a pottery vase or jug. These look amazing in designs with other round flowers like roses or Germinis (mini gerberas) in complimentary colors or matching tones.

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