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5 Gorgeous Books to Inspire Your Floral Designs



Here's a list of five of my favorite floral design books

I'm an avid reader. I can't help myself. I consume books. One of my favorite things to do is curl up on my couch with a hot cup of coffee and immerse myself in an inspirational read.

When I'm feeling bromidic, I can flip through the pages of my floristry books to get me out of my blah's. Every time I open one of them I learn a new tip or trick like how to choose hellebores vines, or an interesting floral concept that I haven't thought about before. I've compiled a list of my top 5 floral books to get your creative juices going!


1. Tropical Flowers, by Eileen Johnson (Author), Adrian Mueller (Photographer), Felipe Sastre (Contributor)  

The modern designs and unique flower combinations used in this book are whimsical and refreshing. This one makes a great coffee table book!

Tropical Flowers


2. Flowers A to Z: Buying, Growing, Cutting, Arranging - A Beautiful Reference Guide to Selecting and Caring for the Best from Florist and Garden by Cecelia Heffernan

This is a great one for me because it gives me all the care instructions and beautiful visuals of what to expect with these flower types. Each page has beautiful visuals and stages of development for the flower type. 

This was the first book I ever purchased on floral design. I grab it whenever I need to put on my creativity hat or if I need a refresher course. I love the colors Jill chooses and how clearly she outlines everything from floral varieties to the tools you'll need. 

The Flower Recipe Book 

4.  A Passion for Flowers by Carolyne Roehm

There is something about the author of this book. Her 
literary voice is both inspiring and thought proving. She 
gives you a sense of confidence and makes you feel like 
it's ok to be daring - to not go with "normal" arranging 
techniques. Take risks, make it up as you go but whatever  you do, don't be boring! I love this book for that. 

A Passion for Flowers 

5. Flowers for the Home: Inspirations from the World Over by Prudence Designs by Grayson Handy

I check in to this book a few times a year for imaginative tablescapes during the holidays and dinner parties. It has great ideas and the basic concepts are easy to follow. 

Flowers for the Home



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