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2020 Goal Getting Tips


New Year, New Goals

As the New Year approaches, take a moment to look back at everything you’ve accomplished and give yourself a big ol’ pat on the back.

Take a breath.

Roll up your sleeves, and plot out what’s next.

What will you achieve in the upcoming year?

It’s exciting to plan, but it can be difficult to find the time to get it all done while wearing ALL. THE. HATS.

As business owners it’s extremely important for us to scale everything to accommodate our schedules. We have administrative tasks, designs to engineer, family obligations and all the other bits and pieces that make our lives meaningful. Things tend to get chaotic in the entrepreneurial world if we aren’t strategizing and planning ahead.

To help you accomplish everything, we’ve compiled a list of our top tips to keep you moving toward your goals all year long!

1. Find people that can take over the “easy”stuff.

No matter how complicated your business, there are tasks that you can teach people quickly to save yourself time. Write a list of all the things you want to accomplish, and identify the tasks that you can commission to someone else

2. Hire the right people.

If you are an intuitive person, lean into that. You’re not looking for people that already know how to use your systems and business formulas - you’re looking for people with the potential to learn them. That being said, screen applicants before inviting them for an in person interview. There are going to be skills or traits that these applicants have to have, don’t waste their time or yours. Write up a list of yes or no skills question (keep it under ten), and set up a call. If they pass, ask them to come in. It’s also crucial to remember that you’re building a culture within your ecosystem. Every person you bring in will affect your flow in some way. Keep that in mind when you’re writing your job description and interview questions. Start the interview by talking to them, try to get them to relax and feel comfortable with you. They’ll be more likely to show you their personality. If you have a clear idea of the vibe you want to project to your customers - hire people that fit that image.

3. Don’t worry about replying to client emails or calling them back immediately

That doesn’t mean you forget about the emails or flake when you’re supposed to call someone, but if you get an email on a Saturday when you’re closed - call them or reply on Monday when you’re open!

4. Leading right into number three - Set boundaries and stick to them!

We’ve all heard of these right? Boundaries - the mythical unicorn of interpersonal relationships. These aren’t as scary as they sound. If you only want to work Monday through Friday - set a schedule, announce it, and then follow through! We all need days off, it’s clinically proven that we’re more productive when we don’t over schedule ourselves.

5. Only try to accomplish three major projects a day

Today, you can get done billing, bookkeeping, and payroll items. You know you’ll be interrupted several times during the day, by only assigning yourself a few tasks at a time, you’ll be more likely to complete your list by the time you head home.

6. Practice Time Blocking

Have you heard of this? Give yourself a certain amount of time to complete each task on your list. Set a timer and when it goes off, move onto your next task. If you still have things to complete, reallocate your day to go back to it later.


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