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Developing a Brand for your Floral Business

Developing a Brand for your Floral Business

Let's be real, first impressions are one thing you never get back. There are so many cookie cutter florists out there with websites that look virtually identical. The only way a potential client can differentiate them is based on their price. As we all know, that's the last place we can afford to cut costs! If this sounds familiar, it's time to create, or reimagine, a brand for your business. 

Here are five ways to create an authentic brand that's true to you and your unique style of floral design:

1. Visual representation of your work

This is an easy one for anyone in the flower world. Simply set up an area in your shop, your home or in your backyard (weather permitting) where you can begin creating your design portfolio. You'll need great lighting, a place to set your arrangements (like a cute table or another flat surface), a back drop or white wall, OR a photo tent.


This is necessary to either edit the background out of the photo later, or create a visually appealing aesthetic that matches the "feeling" you're trying to convey with your images. Every time you create something that just feels like you - that represents who you are as a floral designer - set up a photoshoot and keep that image to show potential clients or share on your social media profiles.  

2. Design a stunning logo

A good logo conveys a thousand words. You want it to be representative of you. Consider the colors, the font and the shape. Do you want it to be a symbol or would you prefer it to be an emblem with your name on it?
There are a ton of resources for logos, the price will range from free to thousands of dollars. Consider using a site like Fiverr, Etsy or Upwork to hire a freelance artist or graphic designer. 


3. Start a Blog

Begin creating content in a blog. Some of the most inspirational floral designers I've ever met were discovered through their blog. Can't think of anything to write? Just slowly post that portfolio you created earlier with all of your gorgeous designs. 

4. Design a website

It is SO easy to get online nowadays. There's no excuse not to hop on the technology bandwagon and start creating an online presence. Connect your blog and start showcasing your work! A lot of my florist friends create standard arrangements that they always offer and allow their local customers to order those pieces for delivery. You'll be surprised at how easy it is if you use a site like WooCommerce or Squarespace. There are a ton of resources out there to help you figure out which platform will work best for you. Do your homework and choose the option that fits your budget and has an interface that you can understand. 

4. Marketing

Marketing is one of those all encompassing terms. Technically everything listed here could fall under marketing. However for our purposes, I'm talking about your colors, fonts, materials you use (direct mail/promos) and voice you use when you write, post content, and advertise. It's such a broad term, but it is SO important. 


5. Get social 

If you haven't yet, create social accounts on every platform. You don't need to start posting to everything right away, but you do want to make sure you get the name you want!
In fact, I don't recommend trying to master all of the social media accounts at once. Figure out the outlet that is most appealing to you and embrace it. Dive right in. Read everything you can find, attend free webinars (they're everywhere), and build a following. Once you feel comfortable and develop a routine, move on to the next social outlet. Keep doing that until you're juggling them all at once! Trust me, you'll end up loving it (or you can hire a virtual assistant to handle it all for you!). 


We all start somewhere, but to compete with the DIY market and the FTD cookie cutter floral industry, it is crucial that your business stand out, otherwise you'll lose that millennial sale! The new generation wants a story, they want things to be visually appealing and easy to navigate without being too cluttered.Follow the steps we've outlined here and your flower business will benefit! 

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  • Casey Wagner
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