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Inexpensive Tips to Appeal to your Customers

Inexpensive Tips to Appeal to your Customers

These days appearing professional is incredibly easy, even if you're just starting to branch out on your own. Follow this guide to give you the basics for creating professional appeal to captivate and lure your customers. 


Not to get too basic here, but your domain is going to be the best way to generate sales so it needs to be memorable. If your company has already been established, and the domain is taken - try adding "floral design" or "Florist" to the end. You'll also want to find a .com - it shouldn't matter, but it does. Customers will make a mental note if you use .net. Keep it short, get creative, but above all remain memorable. If you're just starting out, find a business name that fits your brand identity (more on that later), and check for domain availability and for social media username availability. Once you find the perfect business name, buy it! 




Email Address

Your high-end customers will not trust you if you're emailing them from a yahoo account. A great resource is G Suite, it's basically google for business. Starting around $5 a month you can get an email address with your personal domain ( An added bonus is that you can also use your account to create shared documents with your employees and coworkers - this is a HUGE time saver when you're planning for valentines day!

Social Media

You'll want to sign up for all the social media accounts you're going to use, and maybe even sites you don't think you're going to use. That way if a couple years down the line you decide to set up an account, your name hasn't been taken.


This might sound intimidating, but it isn't! There are many hosts out in the interwebs that have templates you can use immediately. For floral and photography businesses I recommend Squarespace for it's visual appealing artistic themes, WordPress for it's customizability and my personal favorite Shopify for it's web hosting, apps and customer service. 

Business Cards

It's a little old fashioned, but I still think there is something classy about pulling out a business card when you're talking to potential clients about what you do. You never know who might need flowers in the future and they will remember you (or just never take the card out of their wallet). You can find business cards for almost FREE from Vistaprint or you can go really high-end and get a pack of sexy, modern cards from sites like and RockDesign.




These five items are the basics for launching or redesigning your business. You'll instantly be more appealing and more professional to your customers and that will make it easier to get that sale! Good luck and happy selling!

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  • Casey Wagner
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