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Claims Policy

Claims Policy

Although a problem with a flower delivery rarely happens, perishable products will have the occasional issue. Knowing this, we've set up an easy way to let us know that something's not right. 

Our goal is to respond to you quickly with a solution.

However, in order to make sure that we understand what’s happening, you will be required to follow our procedure and comply with any requests that we have.

How to File a Claim

Claims must be submitted within 24 hours of DELIVERY to qualify for reimbursement or reshipment. 

Should you encounter a problem with your flowers or greens from Going Bloom you can call, text or email us (depending on your preference) to let us know. Then answer a few questions and send some photos. 

Here are the instructions: 

  1. When your boxes arrive, inspect all flowers for errors or product damage. Any problems with your flowers or greens must be reported to the claims department by email or text within 24 hours of their arrival.
  2. If you wish to claim a product, you must send photos. We can accept claim pictures by text (888.984.3894) or email (Claims@GoingBloom.comand include a description of the issue and the photos listed below, it's also helpful if you let us know your preferred contact method (call, text or email).

Photo's we might request - pay attention here, this is important:

      • A photo of the FARM label. This is the one with the contents in the box - sometimes this is written by hand.
      • Any quality claims must include a photo of all the affected flowers in a group shot.
      • Quality claims must also include close ups of the issue on multiple stems, as well as any other shots that you think might help us see the problem.
      • If you have received the wrong color or type of product, lay all of the bunches out on a table so that we can see them.
      • Additionally, for quality, wrong color, or variety claims, we also require a photo of all the variety labels – these can be found on the outer wrapping for each product. If the farm or grower didn't label what you've received, then please mention that in the text/email (otherwise we might email you back asking for them).

    Once submitted, we'll be in touch as soon as possible - keep in mind that claims filed outside of our regular business hours, will not be responded to until after we've returned to the office.

    Policy & Things of Note
    • As mentioned, we will not provide a credit, refund, or reshipment if the above-mentioned email is not received within 24 hours of product delivery.
    • The products that you are claiming must be held in storage appropriate to the flowers until we’ve determined if the flowers need to be sent back for inspection.
    • Going Bloom, LLC will pay the freight on all authorized product returns.
    • If Going Bloom, LLC determines that the flowers do not need to be returned we ask that you try to keep flower costs down by conditioning all possible saleable flowers for use and resale. If you are able to revive and resell these flowers then we will make the adjustment to your account. Your cooperation in this effort is greatly appreciated!
    • If your product claim has been approved for credit, a discount code will be emailed to you.
    • Our policy is that all claims must be submitted within 24 hours of delivery, sometimes an exception can be made, but no claim will be allowed if filed after 3 days from the date of receipt of product. No Exceptions. 
    • Going Bloom, LLC is not responsible for any problems due to negligence.
    • Transportation delays must be handled directly with the courier that delivered your package. The courier company will also be held responsible for missing boxes if the number of boxes indicated by the Going Bloom, LLC order match the number of boxes shown to have been received by the freight carrier.
    • Monitor resolutions vary & changing seasons, farm temperatures, and soil nutrients have been known to affect the color and or size (among other differences) of the product you've ordered. These are variables that Going Bloom, LLC cannot control. Therefore, if the product received has slight size differences, color variations, or some other uncontrollable variable we will not be able to open a claim and you will be ineligible for any sort of reimbursement.